Improve your soil with Terramera’s Soil Carbon Measurement and Monitoring Service

Terramera wants to support farmers in getting compensated for the carbon they sequester. We are developing soil carbon measurement and monitoring technology to help farmers:

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Actionable Intelligence

Every farm and ranch has a unique blend of weather conditions, soil types, soil textures, elevation and more. Farmers need a tailored approach to understand how different practices impact  soils and how this information can change your decisions on the farm.

Conduct Baseline Assessments

Many carbon registries require initial baseline assessments prior to generating carbon credits. Terramera will provide baseline measurements to farmers and ranchers to learn more about their soils and enable access to carbon markets.

Verify Stock Change

Terramera’s soil carbon measurement and monitoring technology will allow fast and reliable determination of soil carbon stock change, enabling a simpler path to generating and selling soil carbon credits.

Together we can restore soil health, turn back the clock on climate change, and put more money in farmers’ pockets.

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Why Terramera

We are a global agtech leader fusing science, nature and artificial intelligence to create game-changing technologies that can solve some of the world's biggest problems. We’re working alongside Microsoft to bring clean technology to farmers and ranchers in an initiative to fight climate change and ensure Canada’s prosperity by scaling regenerative agriculture practices. Regenerative agriculture pulls carbon from the air and sequesters it in the soil, improving plant and soil health and resulting in higher farm profits, reduced pesticide and fertilizer use and a dramatic reduction in atmospheric carbon dioxide.

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